Family Friendly Eateries Review: The Refinery, Westbridgford, Nottingham

We ventured to The Refinery in West Bridgford (previously, The Signature Steakhouse), to celebrate my husband’s birthday. The owners who also own the Copper Cafe brand did a great job to make this restaurant more family friendly. As you may know, Copper in West Bridgford is very small in comparison so tends to be difficult entering with a pushchair, but this venue is much bigger, so pushchairs and space are no longer an issue. They are also equipped with highchairs and have a small kids’ menu.

First impressions:

The décor and cosy atmosphere was what drew me in the most. I was impressed with the décor and it looked very cosy.

The Refinery Decor

Staff were friendly and they didn’t mind the children making a mess on the floor. We were sat around the corner which made it more private.

We brought our own toys to the restaurant that day as I was prepared for once. However, I forgot to ask if there were any activities like colouring sheets for my 5-year-old but he was pretty occupied playing with the new toys from Christmas.

The Refinery Menu

It’s a very classic English menu – we ordered the Refinery burger, Refinery fish & chips, and the Kids Refinery burger, Fish fingers, beans & fries.

The food was excellent – no flaws that evening. You can’t really go wrong with such classic dishes, but the fish and chips were particularly fresh. The batter wasn’t too greasy plus, the chunky chips and mushy peas were a great combo (and always will be).

The Refinery Fish and Chips

I was amazed by the kids’ portion size. My son pretty much ate ¾ of his burger and his dad finished the rest even though he had the huge Refinery Burger to himself too! The ‘fish fingers’ my daughter had were the real deal – not the typical frozen fish fingers you get from the supermarket. I highly praised that because who would dine out in a nice swanky venue and pay for cooked frozen food! Anyway, my one-year-old demolished the Refinery Fish Fingers so that was a hit!

As we were so full, we only ordered the Crunchy pecan banoffee sundae for dessert between us – the chef dressed it up with a birthday candle which was a lovely little treat at the end.

It wasn’t very busy when we visited around 4:30pm so it was a nice calm meal. Overall, a lovely experience and I would love to try their lunch menu next time we visit.

Crunchy Pecan Banoffee


Baby Changing Facilities★★★★
Baby/Child Friendliness★★★
Kid’s Play Area / Entertainment★★
Pushchair Friendly★★★★
Value for Money★★★
Family Friendly Eateries

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