The Story

Hello! I’m Alison – a mother of two young children who loves to dine out whenever and wherever possible.

Have you ever been stuck with ideas on where to eat especially with small children on tow?

Everybody’s situation is different but have you ever struggled with ideas on where to eat? I love the whole dining experience and since having children it has made me anxious about the entire aspect of eating out in public. For example, the logistics of getting out the house in the first place (as it can take a good 30 minutes to get the child to put on shoes. I think some of you will know what I mean!) As a parent you also question how to keep them calm and within range when out and about, what the children’s menu is like and if they will eat anything from it, if the establishment has a clean baby changing room. Another popular question from budding parent’s is if the place has a decent high chair or if there is room for the pram – the list goes on!

The search for family friendly eateries

The aim is to build a community site created for families, parents, guardians, carers…let’s just say for anyone who wants to easily find reviews and recommendations on:

• Baby & child friendly eateries
• Breastfeeding friendly venues
• Places that are simply ‘family friendly’ 
• Delicious quality food for all

I believe all food establishments should make families with young children more at ease when dining out. And I don’t mean just a kids menu and a high chair offered. 

Currently, I have set up a Facebook and an Instagram page for sharing reviews. But a family food review site will be under development. In the meantime, please share your positive experiences and suggest places to try.

Family Friendly Eateries is a community, and revolves around your dining experiences and reviews, not ours, and we’d like the platform to be as user-friendly as possible for you busy parents/guardians.

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback, suggestions or would like to team up and collaborate! Contact us today

Together, let’s build a community that can help families easily discover places to dine and socialise.

Thank you for visiting!

Alison & the family x

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