Family Friendly Eateries is a one-stop community platform for busy parents and guardians who are looking for the best child friendly venues. The website and app would revolve around your dining experiences, reviews and ratings – not just ours. Please share your top venues with the community as I’m sure there are places yet to be discovered!

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Family Friendly Eateries is a creation from a frustrated mum (me!) who is in search of the best child friendly restaurant, pub and cafes. But I need your help…

Please share and recommend places you would take your family to.

• Baby & child friendly eateries
• Breastfeeding friendly venues 
• Pushchair friendly
• Places that are simply ‘family friendly’ 
• Quality and healthy food for all

The site is under construction but I’d like the platform to be as user-friendly as possible for you busy parents/guardians. For the time being, if you have any reviews you would like to share please submit details here.

Together, let’s build a community that can help families easily discover places to go with their children.

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