Family Friendly Eateries review: 4550 Miles From Delhi

The Journey to delhi

An Indian cuisine is probably not your typical ‘family/child friendly restaurant’ of choice but we were kindly invited to sample the Christmas menu at 4550 Miles from Delhi. Thankfully, it only took approx. 15 minutes to arrive from home! No passports required 🙂

We arrived just after opening time [5:30pm] and already a few tables were taken, which is probably a good sign. We were the only customers with young children but this is what I expected. There were couples, friends and older families enjoying their meals as we arrived but we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The artwork and decor looked lovely but obviously not aimed for the younger clientele. The staff brought us a wooden high chair for my little girl and she was happily bouncing in it. I had to hold her down most of the time as she was trying to escape! Fortunately, I brought some toys along as I didn’t expect the restaurant to have activity packs for kids! 😉

The christmas banquet

‘Christmas Menu’ – not the typical roast potatoes, turkey, Brussels sprouts and trimmings. But if you’re a big fan of Indian food then this will add magic (and spice) to your Christmas . My husband was certainly excited to try the dishes! The below is what we had.

We were showered with delicious, crispy poppodums on arrival. My son ,daughter and husband munched through all of it leaving me with the crumbs!

The mixed platter was surprisingly filling and very spicy. The lamb chop was delicious but it did seem extra char-coaled for my liking. Shame my son couldn’t eat the king prawns as he loves them but they were the spiciest item on the menu – my husband didn’t even break a sweat. Obviously, the kids couldn’t have any of the starters so we asked for the butter chicken and steamed rice to arrive sooner. I was impressed by the freshly baked garlic naan bread, which my daughter scoffed up too.


Friendly and cosy atmosphere. Just a shame they don’t open during lunch time as 5:30pm was pretty late for us as a family. We didn’t get home until 7:30 and had to get them ready for bed etc

As you can expect it’s not a typical ‘child friendly’ restaurant as they don’t serve a kids menu. But not to say you can’t order side dishes or let the kids much off a mild curry. They do serve chips but we didn’t order any.

If you love Indian food then this is one of the best in Notts, I would say. However, if your children are not used to eating Indian food then the experience would not be as great. Fortunately, both my kids have had mild Indian food – such as korma and butter chicken. But that’s as far as it gets. Not forgetting the naan bread and poppadoms.

The restaurant provides high chairs and space for prams but the clientele and atmosphere is predominantly for adults, couples, students and older family members.

Overall, staff were friendly and helpful. My daughter didn’t have a meltdown so that was a bonus. She was happily pulling funny faces and entertaining the customers that evening! I would love to eat here again but minus the children, whenever I get the chance!


Baby Changing Facilities★★★
Baby/Child Friendliness★★
Food/Menu (for kids)★★
Kid’s Play Area / Entertainment
Pushchair Friendly★★★
Value for Money★★★


Alison (Mum-of-two) champions family and child-friendly places to dine out. She is on quest to find the best venues that are truly suited for families with young children and encourages other parents to share their reviews on the Family Friendly Eateries community platform.

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”

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