Where are the pushchair-friendly shops?

Retailers – how pushchair friendly are they?

Although Family Friendly Eateries is predominantly focused on food establishments it also opens the discussion on how retailers cater for parents looking for ‘child friendly’ and ‘pushchair friendly’ places to shop.

A new mum reached out to me and shared her ‘disappointing’ experience when shopping in a few stores in Nottingham city centre.

Here is her story:

“One Friday morning I decided I needed to get out, being a new parent it’s important to get out and about for your health and well-being. Me and my husband wanted to take our new-born swimming for the first time. After having a baby, you can imagine finding swimwear isn’t always easy, so I decided I needed to have a look around and try a few on, so I didn’t hesitate and headed into the town centre.  Previous trips into town had been really good, I figured this is because I wasn’t shopping for myself. “

Image result for pushchair friendly shopping

“When going into town we came across many struggles that really surprised me. I was unable to walk around the store, as clothes rails were to close together! This made it very challenging. So as I left I mentioned to a member of staff it’s really hard to walk around with a pushchair. Their reply was ‘oh yeah sorry about that’”  

“With being very frustrated I thought – ‘oh I’ll go to a big department store- it’ll be much easier to get around in’. BUT no, there was complete lack of help when it came to fining somewhere to get changed, after waiting a long time for a changing room I was sent across the store to changing rooms where you can only just get yourself in – never mind a pushchair!”

“So, making my way back to where I started – I was told to leave the baby with them. Unsure of what the right thing to do was I just had to leave the store.”

“I was made to feel I was a hindrance”

 “So now as you imagine, I’m getting stressed and very frustrated, so I thought I’d try a sports shop but unfortunately, we had a number of the same problems along with an awful signed lift! I had no idea where I was going, what floor I needed and unfortunately leaving the shop empty handed again – so it was time to head home for a much needed cup of tea.”

“So for all you parents asking, I didn’t end up buying any swimwear! Hopefully we will be able to go swimming soon.”

“If we are facing these problems as parents, I can only imagine what people with disabilities face!”

“The death of the higher street is a big issue these days. Are people being made to stay in and shop on line!?

Do you live in a pushchair-friendly city?

I must say it’s been a while since I personally shopped in town with our little girl with the pushchair. I subconsciously avoid it as I already think it’s a stressful trip even before making it out the door hence, we tend to either shop online or I choose a day where I shop ‘on my own’ – which now thinking about it, defeats the idea of a pushchair-friendly city.  

Have you experienced something similar? Please share your positive or negative experience with us when shopping with a buggy or pushchair.

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